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Can I get Prescription Lenses in Any Frame?Updated a year ago

Fuse Lenses can create Prescription lenses for nearly any style of sunglasses! However, there are a few different styles that we cannot make lenses for; including one-piece/shield-style lenses or frames made entirely out of wood or bone. If you are unsure if we can do lenses for your shades, just ask us!



✔️Eligible for Prescription Lenses

✖️Not Eligible for Prescription Lenses

99% of frames will fall under this category.

Extreme or rare styles that we are unable to process.

✔️Most plastic frames with a full rim around the lenses✖️One-Piece/Shield Style Lenses
✔️Semi-Rimless Frames✖️Metal frames without screws to release lenses
✔️Sport/Wrap Frames✖️Wooden Frames
✔️Metal Frames with screws to release lenses✖️Bone/Horn Frames
✔️Clip-On Frames✖️Safety Goggles with one lens
✔️Vintage styles✖️Toric (variable curve) frames
✔️Rimless/Drilled Frames (most styles eligible) 
✔️Safety Goggles with two separate lenses 

What about my vintage frames? 

While we are happy to replace lenses in any of your vintage or discontinued frames, keep in mind that wear and tear over the years may have made your frames more brittle and there is a chance that they could be damaged during the prescription lens process. We do our best to handle each order with care, but if your frames hold special or sentimental value, they might not be the best frames to send in. We inspect all frames upon delivery and will notify you right away if your frames cannot safely participate in the Prescription process. 

Not looking for Prescription lenses?

See Custom Lens Eligibility

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