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How to Replace Hard To Get Out (Glass) LensesUpdated a year ago

Sometimes, lenses can be hard to get out. This is especially true for glass lenses! However, you can still get them out! All it takes is some warm, soapy water.

Let your frames soak in warm, soapy water for about 30 seconds and then re-try. The water will help loosen the lenses and make your plastic frames more malleable. You can repeat that process a few times.

If you are having abnormal difficulty removing your lenses, you can take your frames to a local optical shop for help. Many places will help, often for free! Please note, we do not recommend taking your frames to a sunglasses/accessory store.

May not be the exact model you have. Installation may be slightly different for different brands/models. If you have any issues installing, we ask that you reach out to the customer service department before damaging or breaking the frames. We are not responsible for installation damage. 

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