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How to Replace Your LensesUpdated 10 months ago

It is very easy to replace the lenses yourself at home! Check out the step-by-step videos below. We also have many helpful tutorials for specific frames on our youtube channel.

Plastic Frames

Removing Lenses:

  1. Grab your frames facing away from you
  2. Push on the inside nasal corner to pop out lenses (this is the weak spot)

Installing Lenses:

  1. Hold your frames facing you
  2. Line up the edge of the lenses with the edge of the frame
  3. Press lenses along the edges into the frame, until you hear the pop!

Wire Frames

Removing Lenses:

  1. Use optical screwdriver
  2. Locate and loosen the screws - try not to take them out all the way, they are very easy to lose!
  3. Pop out the old lenses

Installing Lenses:

  1. Line up the edge of lenses with the edges of your frames
  2. Pop the lenses into place
  3. Tighten the temple screws back up


Half Frames

Removing Lenses:

  1. Hold your frames facing you
  2. Pull the lens down and away from the frame

Installing Lenses:

  1. Keep your frames facing you
  2. Line up the lens with the outside notch in the frame
  3. Slide the inside notch into place

Getting stuck?

If you’re having trouble popping out your lenses, try soaking them in warm soapy water. This can help loosen them up and make them easier to pop out.

You can also take them to your local optical shop for help with the switch!

Please note, we do not recommend bringing your frame to a sunglasses/accessories shop.

May not be the exact model you have. Installation may be slightly different for different brands/models. If you have any issues installing, we ask that you reach out to the customer service department before damaging or breaking the frames. We are not responsible for installation damage.

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