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What base curve are Fuse Lenses?Updated a year ago

The majority of Fuse Lenses are cut on a 6-base curve, but we offer most of our colors in 8-base as well.

Each pair of lenses we carry has been specially traced and designed to fit into your frames on this base curve taking into consideration the lens thickness, wrap of the frame, and bevel of the lens area.

Because our lenses are made from a flexible material, a slight difference in base curve from your original lenses should not affect the fit or shape of most frames.


What is base curve?

Base curve refers to the surface curvature of your lenses. Sunglasses are typically made on a base curve between 2 and 9. The curve of the lens is typically dependent on the style of your glasses and can even affect the way that you see!

Fashion glasses are typically flatter, with a smaller base curve. Sporty glasses that wrap around your face have to be more curved, so they feature a higher base curve lens.


What can I do if my lenses are different?

When comparing your original lenses to Fuse’s, you might be able to notice a slight difference in the lenses if they are on a different base curve. The curve may make them appear slightly smaller or larger than your original lenses. If they do not seem to be the correct curve, reach out to Customer Service so we can get you the correct curve!


If you have any concerns about your lenses, please reach out. Each lens purchase comes with a 60-day guarantee. We are happy to work with you to get a perfect fit!

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