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What frame do I have?Updated a year ago

The information on the inside temple of your sunglasses can tell you the model and size of your frame, along with other information. The frame size consists of three measurements, all measured in millimeters (mm): eye size, bridge size, and temple length. Note that even if a frame is the same in size, the fit may still be different based on the brand and model. This is why it is important to know the frame name, model number, and lens size when finding replacement lenses for your glasses.


Frame Type/Model Information

The model of the frame can be words, a series of numbers or a combination of letters and numbers. Brands give different names to their frames. In a lot of cases, this is the name you know your sunglasses by! The color of the frame may also be included with the model information. All brands display their model information differently. Check out the other articles in the Frame Identification section of our help center for more specifics.


Lens/Eye Size

The eye size is the horizontal measurement, or the width, of the lenses. The eye size of the lenses is a two-digit number that usually ranges from 40mm to 62mm. The eye size and the bridge size is typically separated by a small square, where the eye size is the number located in front of the square. If you are looking into buying replacement lenses, the eye size is the most important measurement to identify on your frames. Sometimes this number can be rounded by the manufacturer, just to give a general sense of the size. When placing an order for replacement lenses if the number differs by a few decimal points, it should still work!


Bridge Size

The number behind the small square is the bridge size. This number is not important when buying replacement lenses. It measures the distance between the two lenses. For the majority of people, the bridge size can be anywhere from 14mm to 24mm. Knowing the bridge size might be important to know when buying new frames, but for replacement lenses, this number can be ignored.

Temple Length

The temple length is the largest number of the three, with the ranges being from 130mm to 160mm. This number is not important when buying replacement lenses. Temple length is measured from the frame hinge to the back tip of the temple. Like the bridge size, the temple length doesn’t matter when purchasing replacement lenses.

Color Code

On various frames, there is a color code included on the inside as well. This number is not important when buying replacement lenses. This number is usually included after the model of the frame and before the size. The color code is usually a set of numbers but it can also be the name of a color. Knowing the color code is not really important compared to the model and size of your frames. We will get into the specifics of the placement of the color code when we talk about different brands.


Lens Category

There are five categories of lens tint ranging from zero to four. On your sunglasses, you will see a number, usually, two or higher followed by the letter P or N. The letter P stands for polarized and N is non-polarized. For example, you might see 3P which means these polarized lenses are category 3. This number is not important when purchasing replacement lenses, except if you are trying to match your current lenses' darkness or polarization. The majority of the lenses at Fuse fall into category three, but this information is easily available on our lens color page.

  • Category 0: Very Low Light/Night - These have little or no tint.
  • Category 1: Low Light - This has light tint and is good against weak levels of sunlight.
  • Category 2: General Use - It has medium levels of tint and is good for light, everyday use.
  • Category 3: Bright Light - This has a strong tint and is used in strong sunlight, such as playing sports, going to the beach, offshore fishing, or other outdoor activities.


Safety Glasses

Some glasses might have a Z87 written inside the temple arm. This is common in many Wiley X frames. Z87 is the current standard for safety eyewear published by the American National Standards Institute, ANSI. This rating is usually for basic impact, but it can be more specific depending on the usage of the glasses. Regular sunglasses will not have these markings. This is not important when buying replacement lenses. However, please note that when changing your lenses, you are voiding the safety rating of your glasses. While all Fuse Lenses do surpass ANSI Z87.1 safety ratings, we are unable to rate our lenses. This is because lenses must be tested in the frame in order to be rated.


Having trouble?

Our customer service team is happy to help you identify your frames! When you email us, please send a picture or type out all the information that is in the inside temple of your frame.

It may also be helpful to include pictures of the front and sides of your frame to help with verification. This is especially true if you have a frame with many variations or if the model information is worn down.

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