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How Long Does it Take to Ship Internationally?Updated a year ago

We currently ship to most countries. If your country is not listed on the drop-down at checkout, that means there are delivery issues that have not been resolved and we cannot ship there. We have an estimate for most of the international countries we ship to with possible estimates on delivery based on current delivery time frames (these are only estimates and can be quicker or slower). Please remember that there are possibilities of delays due to the Customs process, any Customs fees that may be required, or issues with addresses. We will ship your order within 3-5 business days during our slower season (October-March) and between 5-7 business days during our busier season (April-September)


All depend on Customs and Accessibility:

Canada- 8-14 days

South America- 6-24 days (up to 45 days in certain areas depending on Customs and Accessibility)

(Based on delivery time frames for Brazil, Chile, and Colombia)

South Africa- 10-35 days

Australia/New Zealand- 8-16 days

Europe- 7-14 days (up to 35 days depending on Customs)

(Based on delivery time frames for Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, France, Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, and Greece)

Russia- 28-40 days

Middle East- 8-15 days

(Based on delivery time frames for Israel, and Saudi Arabia)

United Arab Emirates- 15-35 days

East Asia- 7-14 days (up to 35 days for certain areas)

(Based on delivery time frames for China, Thailand, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan)

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