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I need my lenses by the holidays!Updated 6 months ago

Hey Fuse Fam!

We've done our best to provide padding in these time estimates, so your loved ones (or yourself) will receive your Fuse packages when you need them. We appreciate your patience and understanding of any delays during this holiday season. As always, your purchases include our 60-day guarantee and included warranty. We wish you a safe and happy holiday season, and a fulfilling new year in 2023! 


If you live in the Contiguous US and/or Alaska and Hawaii) to get your lenses by Dec. 25th, 2022 order by...

USPS First Class ShippingDec. 14th
FedEx 2-day ShippingDec. 18th


For international customers, order by... 

DestinationFirst Class IntlPriority Intl
Asia/Pacific Rim  Dec. 4th Dec. 4th

Australia/New Zealand 

 Dec. 4th Dec. 4th
Canada  Dec. 4th Dec. 4th
Caribbean  Dec. 4th Dec. 4th
Central & South America  Nov. 27th Nov 27th
Europe  Dec. 4th Dec. 4th
Middle East  Dec. 4th Dec. 4th


**Please Note

We are unable to guarantee delivery times. Delivery times are out of our hands and can be affected by the weather, customs delays, and many other factors. Fuse Lenses ships all orders from Clearwater, FL, USA. These dates are based on USPS's suggested shipping dates for a "before December 25th" delivery and include time for processing. Please keep in mind that your lenses are custom-cut to order and can take a few days to process.

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