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My Frames Came Back with No New LensesUpdated a year ago

If you sent us your frame and received it back with NO new lenses, that means we were not able to process lenses for the frame or the frame was not in good enough condition for us to change the lenses. We're sorry about this inconvenience.

You should have received an email from customer service explaining the reason, as well as a notification of a refund to your original form of payment.

Unfortunately, some frames have the potential to break if we apply pressure to install or remove lenses. Each frame undergoes an inspection upon receipt and may be deemed as high risk. We do not install lenses in those frames in order to protect your property and minimize damages.

There are certain styles of frames that we are unable to process lenses for. If you have questions about what frames we accept, please refer to this article.

*Please note that we cannot guarantee that the original lenses sent in will not break or be damaged during processing. Lenses can be brittle or may need to be removed with tools if there are no screws present that can damage the lenses. 

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