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What are Fuse AMP color enhancing lenses best for?Updated 10 months ago

Fuse AMP color-enhancing lenses are great for any outdoor activity, driving, sports, and outdoor recreation are all enhanced by their properties and can help give you an edge by reducing eye fatigue and allowing you to easily perceive contours and contrast between your surroundings.

AMP Grey: Best for green definition. Best for activities like golf, offshore fishing, tennis, soccer, and road use and environments such as bodies of water, forests, and open fields.

AMP Brown: Best for red definition. Best for activities like hunting, rock climbing, mountain biking, and inshore fishing, and environments that are rocky, sandy, or mountainous

Fuse AMP Carbon Mirror: Best mirrored option for boosting color out in the elements.

AMP Glacier: Best for bright sun and great for clarity by inshore waters, forests, or rocky terrain.

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