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Fuse AMP Color Enhancing Lenses

How do Fuse AMP lenses work?

Utilizing patented AI technology, Fuse AMP color-enhancing lenses selectively filter out wavelengths of colored light that can “confuse” your brain. Removing those muddy colors creates more color separation, and allows your eyes to better distinguish

What is the difference between Fuse AMP lenses and Fuse PRO lenses?

Fuse PRO describes the coatings that we add to the lenses here at Fuse Lenses. Every pair of Fuse PRO lenses will come with:-Polarization-An extra-dense scratch-resistant hard coating-Hydro-oleophobic coating to help deflect dirt and water-Saltwater

What are Fuse AMP color enhancing lenses best for?

Fuse AMP color-enhancing lenses are great for any outdoor activity, driving, sports, and outdoor recreation are all enhanced by their properties and can help give you an edge by reducing eye fatigue and allowing you to easily perceive contours and co

Are Fuse AMP lenses available in prescription?

Yes!! We now offer Fuse AMP lenses in prescription! They are available in Polycarbonate only. - Trivex and High Index options are not available at this time. - There are some script limitations; please reach out with any questions to Fuse Lenses Pres

How dark are the Fuse AMP lenses?

Fuse AMP lenses are between 14-16% VLT, making them a Category 3 lens, most suitable for bright light. Our AMP Glacier Mirror Polarized lenses come in at 11% VLT, making them our darkest option for the AMP lenses. The next darkest will be our AMP Car

Are Fuse AMP lenses available in mirrored colors?

At this time, the Fuse AMP Color Enhancing lenses are available in Carbon Mirror Polarized, Sapphire Mirror Polarized, V26 Non-Polarized (flash silver mirror), Glacier Mirror Polarized, Cascade Mirror Polarized, Bronze Mirror Polarized, and Nova Mirr

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