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What Frames are Eligible for Custom Lenses?Updated a year ago

Fuse Lenses can create lenses for any brand of sunglasses! However, there are a few different styles that we cannot make lenses for; including rimless frames, lenses with a curvature of more than 8-base, or one-piece/shield style frames. If you are unsure if we can do lenses for your shades, just ask us!





✖️Not Eligible

Almost 90% of frames will fall under this category.

Extreme or more rare fashion styles that we are unable to process.

✔️Most plastic frames with a full rim around the lenses✖️One-Piece/Shield Style Lenses
✔️Semi-Rimless Frames✖️Rimless/Drilled Frames
✔️Sport/Wrap Frames✖️Wrap Frames with a curve of over 8 base
✔️Metal Frames with screws to release lenses✖️Metal frames without screws to release lenses
✔️Clip-On Frames✖️Frames that must be ANSI rated
✔️Vintage styles✖️Wooden Frames
 ✖️Bone/Horn Frames
 ✖️Frames with grooved lenses 


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See Rx Lens Eligibility

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