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What is the difference between Fuse AMP lenses and Fuse PRO lenses?Updated a year ago

Fuse PRO describes the coatings that we add to the lenses here at Fuse Lenses.

Every pair of Fuse PRO lenses will come with:
-An extra-dense scratch-resistant hard coating
-Hydro-oleophobic coating to help deflect dirt and water
-Saltwater coating to help protect against harmful corrosion
-An anti-reflective backside coating to cut down on unwanted glare.

To learn more about Fuse PRO Lenses visit our article on lens types.


Lucky for you, all Fuse AMP lenses are Fuse PRO lenses! What that means is that Fuse AMP lenses feature all of the same coatings and deliver all of the amazing benefits that Fuse PRO lenses do! Fuse AMP lenses just take it one step further by also enhancing colors up to 4x as much as what is available on the market today, allowing you to see details like never before, reducing eye fatigue, and improving performance. 


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