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What is the difference in lens view/tint?Updated a year ago

We know it can be confusing for anyone short of sunglass aficionado status to know what lenses might be right for them. Green, grey, brown - what is the difference anyway? Should you get a different lens tint for the boat or the mountains? Well, we're glad you asked! We created a short guideline to use as a starting place to make your next informed lens decision:


Weather: Good for most conditions 
Great for: Everyday use, cycling, driving, fishing, watersports, outdoor sports, snow sports 

A grey tint is the darkest tint and can aid you in cutting glare. Grey is a versatile color and can be used in a broad range of activities, all while offering true color perception. Wear these lenses for everything from walking your dog to hitting the slopes. Most of our mirror-coated lenses are on a grey base, for maximum versatility! 

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Weather: Good for most conditions 
Great for: Everyday use, cycling, fishing, water sports, golf, outdoor sports, snow sports 

G15 lenses were developed as a prime choice for aviators and they are still on top today! These lenses offer even color perception, which helps to keep color distortion at a minimum. They also improve the contrast between green and brown, which can help with reads of greens and fairways, making them a top choice for golfers too! 

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Weather: Sunny days 
Great for: Driving, fishing, water sports, golf, outdoor sports, shooting 

A brown tint is one of the most popular tints for sunglasses on the market. This lens helps to heighten contrast and improve depth perception. It is optimal for a variety of outdoor activities including inshore fishing, golf, boating, and more! 

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Weather: Cloudy, overcast, foggy 
Great for: Indoor sports, gaming, driving, mountain biking, snow sports, shooting, tennis 

A yellow-tinted lens can offer greater clarity in fog, haze, and other low-light conditions. The tint can increase visibility and improve depth perception. Often, yellow lenses are preferred for indoor uses, for electronic devices, or to increase accuracy in sports. Yellow can improve your game from archery to a round of tennis.
**Yellow will be coming soon!

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