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Which Lenses Are Best?

What is your darkest lens?

Our overall darkest lenses are the Fuse PRO Fusion Mirror lenses. In our non-mirrored, tinted options, the Grey Polarized lenses will be the darkest. Our AMP Carbon Mirror Polarized and AMP Glacier Mirror Polarized lenses will be the darkest option f

Which lenses are best for fishing?

The last thing you want to deal with when fishing is the bright sun and the annoying glare bouncing off the water. Polarized lenses block the glare which helps your eyes from having to constantly squint. They also increase color contrasts which help

Which Fuse Lenses are best?

In addition to all the benefits of standard Fuse Lenses, our Fuse PRO line has these additional features:. Dirt, oil, and water slide right off our lenses with our tougher clear guard and hydrophobic coating. This makes for tougher lenses and easier

What is the difference in lens view/tint?

We know it can be confusing for anyone short of sunglass aficionado status to know what lenses might be right for them. Green, grey, brown - what is the difference anyway? Should you get a different lens tint for the boat or the mountains? Well, we'r

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