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What is the warranty policy?Updated a year ago

Fuse PRO Polarized + Anti-Reflective Coating Warranty:

Fuse PRO Polarized + Anti-Reflective Coating lens purchases include a lifetime, 1-time replacement guarantee. It doesn’t matter if something happens today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now -- we’ve got your back.

Standard Warranty:

All lens purchases include a 1-year, 1-time replacement warranty standard, no questions asked.

*** If the product has been discontinued, you will be offered a replacement of the same or lesser value.

Extended Warranty:

On top of that, we allow you to extend your standard warranty for another year! Just add the extra warranty to your cart, and we will add another 1-year, 1-time replacement to your purchase. For Fuse PRO lenses, this add-on is for one extra lens replacement over the lifetime of your lenses. Extended warranties are not able to be purchased for Prescription lenses at this time.

Prescription Warranty

Prescription lenses are covered by a 1 year, 1-time replacement warranty that covers manufacturer defects. Prescription lenses are NOT covered for scratches or damage from misuse. Warranty redemptions must be for the same prescription as the original order. The Extended Lens Care does NOT cover prescription lenses.

Fuse Sunglasses Warranty

All Fuse Sunglasses include a lifetime, 1-time replacement warranty, no questions asked! Whether your frame is cracked, scratched, or just lost, you're covered!


Warranty Process

Warranty redemptions may only be used for a lens of the same value and for the same frame as the original purchase.

If your lenses become damaged at any time during the warranty time period, simply contact us, choosing "Request a Warranty Replacement" as the subject of your message. Please include your order number (if you have it) and current address in your message.

All we need to do is verify the warranty status and we'll be able to send you a fresh set of lenses! If you just received your lenses and are wanting to change the color for the warranty, we will require the original set shipped to be returned to us. 

*Please Note: Prescription Fuse Prescription lenses have a separate warranty policy. Visit here for Prescription warranty information.

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