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What is your darkest lens?Updated a year ago

Our overall darkest lenses are the Fuse PRO Fusion Mirror lenses. In our non-mirrored, tinted options, the Grey Polarized lenses will be the darkest. Our AMP Carbon Mirror Polarized and AMP Glacier Mirror Polarized lenses will be the darkest option for our AMP Color Enhancing lenses, which come in at a 13% VLT for AMP Carbon and 11% VLT for AMP Glacier.


Each listing on our site will have a category number that refers to the darkness of the lens. Most Fuse Lenses will fall under Category 3, which is suitable in strong sunlight or for extended outdoor wear. It is also good to note that the darkness of the lens does not correspond to the protection level. All Fuse Lenses are 100% UV protected!

To explore our other color options, check out our Color Page

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