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Which Fuse Lenses are best?Updated 7 months ago

Our Fuse PRO lenses, of course! 

In addition to all the benefits of standard Fuse Lenses, our Fuse PRO line has these additional features:


Clear Guard Hydroleophobic Coating

Dirt, oil, and water slide right off our lenses with our tougher clear guard and hydrophobic coating. This makes for tougher lenses and easier cleaning.


Extra Strong Fuse Force Hard Coating

Speaking of tough, our extra dense Fuse Force Hard Coating kicks up these lenses' scratch resistance. This makes Fuse PRO lenses up to 2.6 times more scratch resistance than our other lenses.


Ion Anti-Reflective Coating

Ion, anti-reflective, coating was added for improved clarity and less eye strain from distracting light. 


Laser Engraving

Our Fuse PRO lenses feature a Fuse laser engraving on the left lens. Go ahead and flaunt it.


Lifetime Warranty!

Fuse PRO lens purchases include a lifetime, 1-time replacement warranty. It doesn’t matter if something happens today, tomorrow, or 10 years from now -- we’ve got your back.

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