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Which lenses are best for fishing?Updated a year ago

Offshore (Bright Days)

  • Grey Polarized Lenses: This tint helps you perceive the colors in the purest form without any distortion or enhancement. It keeps your view very neutral and even. This is why it is very popular, especially in fishing. It is also the most versatile tint, so if you want multi-purpose sunglasses, grey lenses are a great buy.

Inshore (Flats, Beach, and Fly Fishing)

  • Brown Polarized Lenses: The brown tint helps to enhance colors, which is why it is commonly used for inshore fishing. It reduces glare and absorbs some of the blue light. The reduction of the blue light is actually very helpful in increasing the contrast between the blue water and the green plant life which makes it easier to see the fish.

Low Light (Dawn, Dusk, Clouds, and Rain)

  • Yellow Polarized: The yellow tint can help with hazy, foggy, or low-light conditions by increasing contrast and making objects easier to see. On a foggy day, at dusk/dawn or on rainy days, you might find that lenses with a yellow tint help make any activity easier to do since they brighten up a dreary view.


Why Polarized Lenses?

The last thing you want to deal with when fishing is the bright sun and the annoying glare bouncing off the water. Polarized lenses block the glare which helps your eyes from having to constantly squint. They also increase color contrasts which help with viewing the objects clearer and seeing details that might have been missed otherwise. One of the best things about using polarized lenses when fishing is the ability to see under the water’s surface because of the blocked glare and increased contrast. Learn more about polarization here.

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