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Why don't the lens images on the site look like my lenses?Updated a year ago

We apologize for any confusion!

The lens shape may be slightly different for some listings since we have new frame styles going up faster than we can update the images. We often use the most similar shape we have a photo of. Rest assured, if you are on the correct listing for your frame, those lenses will fit even if the photo looks slightly "wrong."


The color of our lenses listed is the most accurate image we can offer! Each page should have a gallery of pictures from social media that shows the lens in its natural habitat. Lenses are tricky and do look different in different types of lighting. In addition, your monitor settings can alter how the color looks online. 


Remember - each purchase includes a 60-day guarantee! Plus, we guarantee fit. If you encounter any issues upon receiving your lenses, just let us know! 

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