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Will I get my case/original lenses back?Updated a year ago

We ask, at this time, that you do not send any cases with your frames.

The bubble sleeve included in the mailing box is intended to protect your frames during shipping. If you do send a case, Fuse Lenses does not accept any liability for it. 

If your frames include original lenses, we will do our best to always send them back! (Whether they are broken or in pristine condition.) In some cases, we do require frames to have the original lenses in order to create lenses for your frames. 

If you have any questions about this, please reach out to customer service.


*Please note that we cannot guarantee that the original lenses sent in will not break or be damaged during processing. Lenses can be brittle or may need to be removed with tools if there are no screws present that can damage the lenses. 

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