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Caring For Your Lenses

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How Does The Anti-Fog Work?

Fuse Lenses offers a high-quality anti-fog spray to protect, clean, and defog all types of lenses. Prevent dangerous fogged vision for skiing, paintball, hockey, or everyday outdoor use. The convenient travel-size flat bottle design included microfib

How to Clean Your Lenses

Before cleaning your lenses, always blow any particles off of your lenses. If the particles will not blow off, or if you have salt on your lenses from a day on the water*, run your lenses under fresh, clean water to remove any particles. For any hard

How does saltwater effect sunglasses?

Did you know that the mirror coatings on your lenses are actually made of metal? This makes your lenses, as well as the metal pieces on your sunglasses, susceptible to damage caused by salt water. The combination of moisture, oxygen, and salt (especi

How to Store Your Lenses

It's always a good idea to store your sunglasses in a hard case, or the included microfiber bag in every Fuse Lenses order. It can be easy to push your sunglasses on top of your head, toss them on the dash of your car, or leave them in your purse --